• “Gendering Economic Productivity in Han China,” invited lecture, Columbia University Early China Seminar lecture series, April 2017
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  • “Inventing Silk Road Studies,” invited lecture, Stanford University, April 2015
  • “Inventing Silk Road Studies,” invited lecture, Center for Chinese Studies, UC Berkeley, April 2015
  • Chair and discussant for panel, “Translation and Chinese Literature in a Globalized World,” at Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Chicago, March 2015


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  • “How to become an unproductive wife,” invited talk, Cornell University, Asian Studies Department, November 2013
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  • “The fu and the marketplace,” Historical Poetics Conference, University of Chicago, May 2011


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  • Respondent for Shigehisa Kuriyama’s paper “Probing the Archaeology of Tension” at Anthropology workshop (University of Chicago), May 2010


  • “Richthofen’s Silk Road,” invited talk sponsored by the Department of Modern Languages & Cultures, University of Rochester, December 2009


  • “Re-reading Sima Qian’s ‘Account of the Xiongnu,’” University of Chicago, China Before Print Workshop, May 2008
  • “Before Han Ethnography,” pre-modern panel-organizer and presenter, Critical Han Studies conference, Stanford University, April 2008
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  • “The Invention of the Silk Road, 1877,” Yale University, invited talk sponsored by the Council on East Asian Studies, February 2008


  • “Money and the Construction of the Silk Road,” Columbia University, invited class talk co-sponsored by the History department and the Silk Road Foundation, March 2007
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  • “‘Barbarous Greek’ in Early China,” The Franke Institute for the Humanities, University of Chicago, January 2007


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  • “Sima Xiangru and the Poetics of Colonization,” American Oriental Society, Seattle, WA, February 2006


  • “Transnationalism and Queer Chinese Politics,” international two-day conference co-organizer, UC Berkeley, April 2005 (participants from Hong Kong, Taiwan, P.R. China, UK, US)
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  • “The Translation History of Plato’s Symposium,” OutWrite Festival, Boston, 1995


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